Acrylic Texture – Sand CC2325

A sanded, textured acrylic, waterborne coating formulated for use on structural concrete such as bridges and overpasses, etc.

Product Number: CC2325



A waterborne acrylic exterior ready mixed textured coating that offers excellent adhesion and is based upon a 100% pure acrylic copolymer emulsion resin that yields high film build and good low temperature coalescence. Anchor Paint Textured Coatings are environmentally friendly and do not contain vegetable or marine oils, paraffin, stearates, organic pigments, lead, chromates, chromium compounds, asbestos, benzene, chlorinated solvents or ethylene based glycol ethers and their acetates.
This product was developed primarily for structural concrete, but it may also be used on hadite or cinder block, masonry and masonite surfaces.
Custom Colors