Cat-O-Zinc Primer, Hi-Solids 93A & 93B

Inorganic Hi-Solids Zinc Primer perfect for use on bridges and other carefully engineered systems. Zinc Gray requires top coat.

Product Number: 93A & 93B

Literature: PDS,


A high solids, low V.O.C., inorganic zinc-rich primer providing excellent
protection from severe environment and exposures. This is a solventbased
inorganic ethyl polysillicate/ 100% zinc catalyst system.


This primer is widely used in carefully engineered systems, maintenance free
life expectancy of up to twenty years.


Zinc Gray

This product is not recommended for immersion in acids, alkalis, or
chlorinated hydrocarbons without resistant top coat. Suitable intermediates
and topcoats include epoxies, waterbornes, urethanes, acrylics, and
silicones. Consult your Anchor representative for specific job
SURFACE For immersion and non-immersion surfaces, the surface should be sandblasted
PREPARATION in accordance with SSPC-SP10 near white metal blast. Remove all flux and
scab from welding. Grind smooth all rough welds and sharp edges. Remove
any grease, oil or dirt with solvent prior to blasting. The surface should be
coated as soon as possible after sandblast.

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